My name is Holly. I don't bite so talk to me sweeties (:



u kno when u hav many thing to do so u lay on the floor for long time

I don’t wanna be pregnant anymore. People just constantly tell me I’m pregnant and ask me stupid questions.

I just want to be left alone

Man, next Easter I’m gonna have a 7 month old.


Augustus: so your name is four

Tobias: yeah

Augustus: you could say it's a metafour

Tobias: will you stop


just girly things: pretending to be on the phone when you walk by a large group of men because there’s a chance they’ll harass you <333

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"So basically you’ve been avoiding any real problems and panicking about non-existent ones?"



So were between

Liam Bennett
Ashton Bennett

Or whatever else we think of tomorrow. I like Ashton better and he likes Liam better.

But I don’t like Liam Ashton.

Girls names are so much easier. Lol oh well