I can’t stop rubbing my face in his super soft hair.

I can’t stop rubbing my face in his super soft hair.


pros of dating me

  • have you ever wanted to know the complete history of spider-man? too bad.

cons of dating me

  • 'It's 1962. A dark office room, cigarette smoke. Stan Lee has just come off the success of The Fantastic Four, a surge of demand for teenage comic books had hit the comic book market, and he finds himself transfixed, watching a spider ever-slowly work it's way up a wall. 'Wouldn't that be cool?' he thinks to himself; and thus our story begins…'

Well whatever seemed to be upsetting the baby’s tummy earlier tonight finally passed. That was horrific


Fall Out Boy just has those lyrics that you randomly feel the need to yell at the top of your lungs at 1am.

So after having another meltdown today I called the doctors office and they agreed to put me back on my anxiety medication.

I pick it up and am reading over the information sheet and in big letters it says DO NOT TAKE WHILE BREAST FEEDING.

Good thing I didn’t take it yet -.-